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Welcome to the Allied Seawind Owner's Association. This is the site for information about both the Seawind I and Seawind II boats. In the past it was aimed at the latter 32' model, so information on the 30 footers is a little scarce. But you'll find technical information about the boats, owner info, Seawind seafaring stories, and more.

Info about boats for sale is on the owner's page.

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Seawind Information

Seawind II original brochure

Seawind II Owner's Manual - The book that came with each boat. And here's another scan of the manual.

Manufacturer's description of the boat

Technical data like I, J, etc.

Line Drawings - Drawings of the Seawind II

The Molds - What happened to the molds after the company went bust (for the fifth and last time)?

Solution - The best owner description we have of a Seawind II

Voyages in Seawinds

So You Want To Sail Around The World - Alan Eddy's circumnavigation in a Seawind I, the first such ever in a fiberglass boat.

Bebinka's circumnavigation in 1971 in a Seawind I.

Do check out the owner's page. A lot of us have web sites and blogs about our voyages, which are listed there.

Articles About Seawinds

January 2016 Practical Sailor Article
Good Old Boat Article Allied Seawind II
Good Old Boat Article aboutThomas Gillmer, the Seawind's designer
Did you know Tom Gillmer also designed the Pride of Baltimore?
Good Old Boat Article Allied Boat Company
February 1999 Sailing Magazine Used Boat Review
Practical Sailor's Report
Spinsheet's February 1999 Used Boat Review
Ed Verner's story about losing his bobstay and bowsprit.
Bluewaterboat article.


In the age of sail a gam was when two vessels encountered each other at sea. They'd stop and yarn for a while. We've had a few Seawind gams.

Spring 2002 gam in Rye NY
Spring 2005 gam in St. Michael's
Fall 2007 gam in Annapolis
Fall 2007 gam in Long Island
April 2008 gam in Tampa
May 2009 first West Coast gam
Spring 2016 May, 2016 gam in St. Michael's MD

Original Newsletters

In the olden days the Seawind Association actually produced printed and mailed newsletters. Those days are long gone, but here are those early newsletters.

Volume 1 Number 1 - May 1979
Volume 1 Number 2 - September 1979
Volume 1 Number 3 - December 1979
Volume II Number I - April 1980
Volume II Number II - August 1980
Volume III Number I - February 1981
Volume III Number II - September 1981
Volume 91 Number 1- October 1991
Volume 92 Number 1 - March 1992
Volume 92 Number 2 - August 1992
Volume 93 Number 1 - March 1993
Volume 94 Number 1 - December 1994
Volume 95 Number 1 - October 1995
Volume 96 Number 1 - May 1996
Volume 98 Number 1 - April 1998
Volume 99 Number 1 - February 1999

Fun Stuff

One of our owners contemplated the age-old question - What is a Sailor?

This is how one of our owners wound up with his boat.

It seems that there are some resemblances between being in a cult and Allied SWII ownership. If you would like to see what has brought the owners to this condition, read on.

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