St. Michael's GAM

May 21-22, 2005


Dear all,

There are at least a few of us with boats on and near the Chesapeake Bay. Any interest in a GAM this year?

Here's a proposal:

When: The weekend of May 21
Where: St. Michaels, always a fun destination, anchoring out there
Who: All Seawinds, both I and II

For those without a dingy I believe there's a launch service there, and Marybeth and I can be a taxi in our dink. It's possible we'll have the hard dink repaired by then; if so we'll bring both.

For folks who can't sail in, there are a couple of berths aboard Voyager. St. Michael's is only a couple hour drive from Annapolis, though at that time of year it's important to hit the Bay Bridge off peak times.

Any interest? Thoughts?

Dare I suggest... a race?

Jack, 057K Voyager


Dear all,

We're looking forward to the Seawind GAM on Saturday May 21 in St. Michael's in Maryland. Though the anchorage will no doubt be busy, it seems a good central location with plenty ashore to do and opportunities for
great food.

Voyager tentatively plans to arrive Friday night to try and secure a decent spot to anchor. We're happy to host a raft-up and will put down the big hook.

Unless anyone has a different preference, I suggest we have dinner Saturday night at the Crab Claw ( I'd appreciate hearing how many people will be arriving so I can get reservations there; I'm sure the place will be packed. Let's plan on dinner at 7:00.

The Crab Claw claims to have a launch service. We'll have one, or with luck two dingies with us for people to share.

We can visit the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum (, a fascinating place for people with nautical leanings.

We're looking forward to this and will bring the camera so highlights can
get posted to the web!

For reference my cell is 410-960-0707.

So there are two action items for attendees:
- Does the Crab Claw work for you?
> - How many people will be attending?

Jack and Marybeth, 057K Voyager


Dear all,

The Gam attendees are now:

Jack and Marybeth
John and Fran
Howard and Judye
Ted and Trish - with luck from the weather
Bill and Mary

I'll make reservations for us at the Crab Claw at 7:00 Saturday May 21.

My cell phone, which we'll have with us, is 410-960-0707.

I haven't been to St. Michael's in years, but in the old days everyone anchored out off the city.

We'd hoped to arrive Friday night but I'll be in Wisconsin till Friday morning. We'll get there as early as we can Saturday.

The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum has an expo of radio controlled steamboat models, and even an R/C skipjack, going on Saturday and Sunday from 10-4. Depending on people's schedules maybe we could check this out
Sunday morning.

Let's hope the weather cooperates!

Jack 057K Voyager


Dear all,

We have reservations at the Crab Claw at 7:00. Please note (to my surprise) that they do not take credit cards. An ATM is on the premises.

Jack 057K Voyager


Thank you Jack for arranging a great weekend in St. Michaels for us. We enjoyed the camaraderie, your hospitality, the weather & the location. We had a wonderful time.

John & Fran Morrison Chautauqua


The Spring 2005 Allied Seawind II GAM is now in the history books and I can report that a good time was had by all.

Judye and I arrived by car at St Michaels and were able to hook up with the group via cell phone and were directed to the water taxi. It was easy to spot a pair of ketches (Bill & Mary on Alibi II, Jack & Mary Beth on Voyager) rafted up. They had already been Joined by Fran and John. Chicken wings, grapes, cheese and crackers, veggies and drinks awaited the weary travelers. The conversation quickly drifted around to our boats and before we knew it, we were bearing down on dinner time. The water taxi took us to the Crab Claw. The food was excellent and bountiful. Enough so that you had to sit on the "doggie box" in order to close it.

Many thanks to Jack for having initiated the GAM.

Howard & Judye


The Gam was a lot of fun. If things weren't so busy here I'd do more of a write-up, along the lines of what Paul did for our Rye gathering.

The sight of two Seawinds rafted up was amazing. Alibi II, in her new green canvas, looked wonderful.

On Sunday we visited the Maritime Museum, which does a wonderful job of preserving the Chesapeake's maritime heritage.

I've sent a CD of pictures to Howard.

Jack 057K Voyager