Gwinllan and Yacht at Tarpaulin

Gwinllan Katama Bay

I love Gwinllan, my 1972 Allied Seawind I, and am glad to have a connection with those who have a similar passion. Hull #153 is painted an Awl-Grip green.

She was originally purchased by a sailor from Martha�s Vineyard and hailed from the Vineyard until recently. Prior to the move, she was always maintained by the Martha�s Vineyard Shipyard in Vineyard Haven. I am the third owner and bought Gwinllan (formerly Skimmer then Grace) in 1999. Gwinllan is the Welsh word for Vineyard.

My wife died in 2004 after fighting cancer for three years. To fit the lifestyle of my two busy teenagers, in 2005 we sailed Gwinllan closer to our Philadelphia-area home; to the Haven Harbour Marina in Rock Hall , MD.

The MV Shipyard installed a new Yanmar diesel before we headed south. It�s a long story but she has new shrouds. As of this spring, Gwinllan enjoys a new set of North jib, main a mizzen sails. In an ideal world I�m ready to sail away today�for a long time!

I was convinced this summer that I couldn�t live without an automatic electric bilge pump. The pump is now in place tho� I�m unaware of any swampings in the 35 previous years. I do find now that my batteries are regularly tired.

I am already enjoying the dialogue here � there is much to be learned -- will really enjoy meeting the Allied Seawind members � I or II -- in the future! I wish I�d known about your �07 gathering in Annapolis . I ask to be last out and first into the water at Haven Harbour . An 8-month summer season works for me.