Salty Dawg - #025


Febraury 2016 update from David Baynes about his Salty Dawg: SaltyD has an interesting history! She was bought by a guy called, Martin ("Marti") Glansman from new and after his family grew up and fled the nest, he sailed her pretty much single-handed far and wide: x2 solo Atlantic crossings; down to Venezuela; a period of time in the West Indies and eventually fetched up in the Med in the 80s where he travelled  extensively. Marti was well known and is remembered fondly by many which is ok except you wouldn't believe the number of folk who recognise the boat and, if they don't recognise the boat, once they know we own her, well, a smile and the stories flood out!

We bought the boat from Marti in Marmaris, Turkey when he was 81 years young (he climbed the mast during his 80th birthday celebrations in Netsel Marina) and he returned to the USA where he sadly died a year or so later. We have spent a deal of time re-furbishing the boat and are now enjoying sailing her 3 or 4 months a year and are currently based in Turgutreis which is sort of West of Bodrum and like the area a lot.

OK, hope that is enough info but, as ever, if you or anyone else ever finds themselves in our neck of the woods, it would be good to meet up etc.