Wind Ketcher

October 25, 2004


Hello. Here are some pics of the davits, the interior showing our new nav station and engine access compartments, some general pics of the dodger, cockpit with CPT autohelm mounted, and general interior shots.

I hope this helps with your davit decisions, and feel free to post on web site.

Regards, and fair winds,

Ed Verner #19


Here are some more. I tried to show the engine access closed and open. And please forgive the dark stain where my previous clock darkened the teak where the new smaller clock now hangs. Over time it will neutralize, I'm sure, but for a year or so it will still show the old shadow. For the most part, I keep my interior teak oiled and reserve the varnish and brightwork for exterior wood only. But around the companionway and hatches I use varnish.

Galley, I put one in from a distance by mistake. Here is the galley, cockpit, and misc. exterior.


March 9, 2004

Wind Ketcher #19 is a ketch rig, built in 76, berthed in Apollo, owned by Gil Gott and myself (Ed Verner), has received a new Westerbeke 35C (2003), and is in increasingly good condition. She is a dark blue-hulled boat with the L shaped main salon arrangement with a pole mounted main table. Her original ugly formica has been recovered with teak (a mighty improvement). Currently she has a CPT autohelm mounted directly beneath her wheel shaft at the aft end of the cockpit sole, and carries only a sparse selection of other electronic gizmos at this time.

A sweet boat.

Incidentally, her treadmaster overlay topside is highly recommended.

Recently, she suffered a broken bobstay and shattered pulpit board etc. - the same being replaced this past winter while the engine was retrofitted. She is back afloat and getting re-broken in again.

Here attached are some other photos, plus a digital picture of an original oil painting of our SWII by John Briggs (a somewhat famous landscape and waterscape artist from our area who has the misfortune a friend - ha.)

Fair winds,


February 2008, A Major Cabin Rebuild