Long Island GAM

Fall 2007


Ted, former owner of Flicka, is up the mast of Pianisimo taking pictures.
Sam Rendezvous, Tony Integrity, Trish Flicka, Carol Rendezvous, Bob Hooligan, Jack Valkyrie.
The three boats: Left to Right, Valkyrie (green canvas), Pianisimo, Flicka









L.I.GAM 002 Bertrum showing 1999-2000 crossing


008 Bertrum,Carol Jack Bob Sam Tony


0012 ?, Ted, Bertrum


013 three Seawinds; Flicker, Pianisimo, Valkyrie


014 Ted taking photo of gp. and fixing step on Pianisimo


015 Trish showing set up on Flicker


018 gas bottle in place and my thumb


019 Trish showing set up, Bob taking photo


022 chair set up on Flicker