Annapolis GAM

October 7, 2007


The Annapolis Sailboat Show took place between October 4th and the 8th. Seawind owners had the opportunity to hang out, visit the show and the Weems and Plath Tent Sale where Ted cornered the market on oil lamps, attend the SSCA GAM where Trish and Ted were exhibitors and Trish made a presentation as well as hosting a round table luncheon discussion. On the 7th we all got together for a Potluck and a chance to visit the boats.

If memory serves, (corrections and additions should be sent to [email protected]) here is the list:

Bill Storm, Alibi II, Seawind II

Trish Birdsell-Smith, Flicka, Seawind II

Walter & Erin, Seawind

Jack, Seawind II

Chris Harker

Ted Vander Wiede, Cape Dory

John & Fran Morrison

Jack & Mary Beth Ganssle

Eric Machinist

Anthony Torphy

Howard Hering

I have always felt that a major shortcoming of the Seawind II was the lack of "homeiness" and comfort in the main cabin. Walter & Erin's boat seemed to beat that problem. Chris sent these pictures along.




Uh Oh! What did I do now?

The chase is on.

Excuse me sir. I understand that you have potluck going on in the vicinity.

Yes sir. Would you care to join in?