Welcome to the sailing vessel ‘PANACHE’, an Allied Seawind Mk II ketch. Hopefully, you will enjoy your sail and please bear with me by reviewing the following:

Panache is a ketch rigged sail boat. A ketch has two mast, the main mast and the mizzen mast. The mizzen mast is located in the cockpit, forward of the rudder post.

The jib halyard, main halyard and mizzen halyard raise/lower the hank-on head-sail, main-sail, mizzen-sail. Also are the main and mizzen cunninghams and outhauls for sail adjustment. You also have the main-sheet, mizzen-sheet, jib sheet and the asymmetrical sheet for sail trim. There are two reef points on the main-sail and one reef point on the mizzen-sail. Each reef point has reef point lines for securing the reef. Now, just what did he say?

Located in the cockpit are the port and starboard lockers, steering wheel (helm), engine instrument panel and keyed ignition, the instrumentation display is located fwd on the after cabin bulkhead starboard / fwd starboard from the cockpit. Two speed/self tailing winched for adjusting the headsails and asymmetrical spinnaker are located along the cockpit area. The remote vhf radio is located at the helm, vhf is in the main salon. The compass is on the mizzen mast.

The PFDs [(Personal Flotation Device) lifejackets] are located in the main salon behind the port after seat back. Attached to each is a whistle and cayalume light.

The First-Aid Kit is located in the light blue and white container in the cabinet under the Nav Station, as well as the Pyrotechnics (Emergency Flares).

PANACHE has a hot and cold pressurized potable water system with a galley sink, a v-berth sink and shower in the head. The hot water system has the capacity of six gallons. A sixty gallon potable water tank is located beneath the main salon cabin sole aft, with entry by means of removing the radiuses-squared hatch and 4" threaded naval bronze cap.

The ac/dc panel is noted as marked and located just aft of the companionway ladder. DO NOT TURN OFF, THE ROUND BATTERY SELECTOR WHILE THE ENGINE IS RUNNING!


Pressurized hot/cold potable water faucet

Manual hand pump for potable water

Manual foot pump for potable water

Refrigeration access is located outboard of the galley sink and aft of the three burner propane stove.

The vhf and Link2000-R display is located opposite the galley.

Flushing the head or commode is very easy. Just close the toilet lid and pump 4 to 6 times. Wait 5/6 seconds and pump 4/6 time. Very simple. The LAVAC head is operated by a 1 ½" Beckson pump which creates a vacuum effect emptying the toilet bowl into the holding tank. The six-gallon black water holding tank is located under the stbd v-berth cushion.

To operate the propane stove, you must first turn on SPARE 1 on the dc panel board (located behind the companionway stairway), then light the burner(s) needed. Be sure to turn off Spare 1 switch on the dc panel board after use.

To air conditioner is a reverse air unit and is only operational when 110v shore power is available. The 1000 watt inverter is not large enough to run the system. Use the 12 volt fans of the propane stove or heater when on the hook or sailing.



We will have brief show-n-tell sessions on the operation of the vhf radio, radar, instrumentation, flushing the toilet, use of the cockpit and head showers, pfd (lifejacket), explanation of the ac/dc electrical panel and the location of the ditch kit.

Halyard(s) - raise/lower sails stbd - starboard - right

Sheet(s) - trims sails port - left (port and stbd both have 4 letter; port red wine)

Line(s) - rope(s)

Thank you for your time and patience,

Now let us put to seas,

Let us enjoy the sun and the sea,

A sunrise, a sunset and the full moon,

A foreign port, a favorite anchorage,

The swish of the hull in motion,

The motion of the vessel at sea,

The pod of pigmy porpoise at play,

And the life of the sea. Enjoy!