1926 Jun 10, 2002

Iím pleased to say that Iím finally sailing Relief (formerly Pequod) and find her delightful (sheís my first ketch as well). One of the questions Iíd like to ask the group however, having looked in numerous other places including the web site, is what sort of bridge clearance do I need?

Tom Lix, Relief (#17)

1929 Jun 10, 2002

Hi Tom,

I recently crossed Florida via the St. Lucie Canal and Caloosahatchee Waterway where the controlling factor is an old railroad lift bridge with a vertical clearance of 49 feet. Windfall cleared with better than 2 feet to spare even with the Windex and VHF whip (3 ft.)on top of the main mast.

I believe Windfall to be, based on equipment and provision burden, to be right about 46-47 feet including antennas, etc.

Good Luck and Fair Winds,

Don Edgar, Windfall, Cortez, FL

1931 Jun 10, 2002

Dear Tom & Candy: Arenít ketch the greatest? I have passed under 55í on the ICW, with what looked like at least 1-2 ft clearance. Sorry thatís all I can say. Be well,

Bert dF, Pianissimo 80K.

1934 Jun 12, 2002

The plans for the ketch - as furnished by CFG (one of the Allied mutations) say that the main mast is 42 feet 1 inch above the water and the mizzen is 25 feet 6 inches. Of course you must add your antenna height. We cleared all ICW bridges including the very low bridge into the Octachobee Waterway between Port St. Lucie and Ft. Myers.

Sharon - Silver Spray 101K