Cape Horn Windvane

Drilling the Guiding Hole

Inside Struts

Turning Blocks

Lines to Rack

Outside View

Jamming Cleats

Drilling Hole with Long Bit and Level

Dec 28, 2001

I have not installed the Autohelm 1000 yet on my Cape Horn, and will do next spring. The Cape Horn has proven a great companion this summer in the sound and off to Block Island, actually changed my life aboard, with a rare need for the wheel-mounted Autohelm 4000+ bought in the Azores in Fall 99 and no longer using belts like shoe laces thanks to this lighter, rarer use.

But Dan Goodspeed of Rye NY who bought a Swan 42 and upgraded it for making the same trip as I (around the Bermuda High to Africa and back via Carib.), installed a Cape Horn along with the Autohelm 1000 on y suggestion, and has been testing the two this summer along the East Coast with great success he says, including in 40-50kts winds with 30-35ft seas.


1428 Jan 28, 2002

Can I pleae ask some more details about the approximate cost involved on this Cap Horn system?... there is a possibility that I also could be interested. Since I too am located in Florida it would add to the benefits or discounts that youíve been discussing. Any other details would be appreciated.

To be more precise I am located in Merrit Island, Fla. Thatís not too far from Cape Canaveral.

Best wishes,

1433 Jan 29, 2002

The cost of the windvane is $2150.00 + $50.00 shipping. Five windvanes get a 15% discount. Bert said that it is retroactive.

Installation takes about two days. If you donít do it yourself, thatís about $600.00 plus expenses. Travel time is $300 a day. Expenses are mitigated by Yves already being in the area or sharing amongst several installations. Iím going to do the installation myself. Iím fairly handy and money is tight. (Advice to all, donít start a family with three kids and two dogs after you retire.)

Iím sending my check today.

My decision to do it is based on a discussion at the Annapolis Boat Show with Yves prior to his knowing that I corresponded with Bert and Bertís endorsement. Do you hear that Bert. Good or bad, this is going to be all your fault. Actually, I donít have any reservations that all will be fine.

1449 Feb 1, 2002

There was an interest on my part in getting a Cape system installed on my vessel, however I need to put that on hold for now. I have just entered in a contract to buy a waterfront home with deepwater dock.It will be nice to sit in the porch and admire the beautifull lines of this love of mine berthed right in back.

So for now that is my pryority.I hope eventually to check back with you.

Thanks sincerely,

Salvatore Aloi