Date: Mon Nov 6, 2000 6:14 am

Interrupted, I address now the storm jib question: UK sail measured the boat triangle and was to make the new 10 oz mizzen with one reef, and designed the 10 oz storm jib. I agree that the latter could be a bit larger, and 100 sqft may be just right.

My working jib is on board, hanked on to the flying forestay ready to serve, but I'll measure it when I stop sailing by Thanksgiving to lift her up in Brewer's Mamaroneck Boatyard, where she is docked since the closure of American Yacht Club launch operations 1 Nov. Am having some wonderful weeklong sailing up and down the coast in these brisk northerlies we have had for days and days (weekends are for nurturing the still working spouse, still smarting from her loneliness during the sabbaticruise last year).