Date: Sun Mar 4, 2001 1:00 pm

I'm thinking about replacing my genoa and wonder if anyone knows the appropriate size for this sail and the sailcloth weight.

It's a hank-on sail that I use in most conditions; since Voyager does a lot of offshore sailing I guess it should be heavier than usual.

Date: Sun Mar 4, 2001 8:54 pm

You can get a complete sail plan from Tom Gillmer for your serial number. Contact him in Annapolis. He's the designer.

We personally use a 3/4 oz. nylon 180%, a 4 oz. and a 10 oz. 155% genoa and a 100% 10 oz. storm jib. Likely Gillmers design would have been in the 7.5 oz. sail cloth range.

We chose the stronger 10 oz. but its a lot heavier and more difficult to roll up when necessary which is the down side to it. We never have to worry about it blowing out as our 7.5 oz. did in 25 knots of wind.