Date: Sat May 29, 1999 7:27 pm

Panache (hull #60) pulls both sticks and rewire same installing the tv antenna on the mizzen mast.  

Date: Mon Feb 5, 2001 5:47 am

The one noise I have not resolved yet is electric wires inside the mast, especially the mizzen. Any simple proven solution?

Date: Sunday, February 04, 2001 6:59 PM

I also am tired of water seeoing along the cable entry into the head, so am fitting a 60deg stanchion base on the mast, connecting to the 1 1/8 tube deck entry via a plastic hose and clamps, so that electric wires and antenna never see the fresh air and spray or rain...

Date: Wed Feb 14, 2001 2:17 pm

To eliminate the noise of wires slapping around in the mast, when I put the wires in I bundled them together, and tied wads of foam around the bundle every 3 or 4 feet. Of course the mast was lying on the finger pier at the time.

From: "B. de Frondeville" <>
Date: Tue May 15, 2001 4:27 am

I got tired of leaks through two the three cable thru-decks (the only tight one was the VHF coaxial) which were caulked and recaulked and taped and retaped, making it harder every winter to disconnect for unstepping the mast. I resolved the problem with a piece of PVC tube fitted and clamped over (a) the existing 1 1/8 thru-deck and (b) a standard Zamak stanchion base I riveted on the mast. I now have a watertight, easily disconnected cable passage for all electric wires plus the coaxial itself, for which I kept the female part (mast side, passed easily through the two fittings as long as it precedes the other wires), and used a new male solderless connector (which takes a minute to install, from Shalespeare) on the battery side, to replace the one I cut off above the old thru-deck. That coaxial connection is now safely under deck. I thank Paul Muenzinger of Brewer's Post road Boat Yard for the idea.