Replacing The Bearings on the Stream Stay I Roller Furling System.

Don and Brenda Bundy, "Talisman"

Remove the jib from the roller unit completely.

1. Remove the entire aluminum extrusion by first removing the lower unit's attachment point on the deck. Cotter pin and clevis pin.
2. Second tie a spare halyard to the aluminum extrusion leaving so it can be hauled up to the top of the extrusion and later secured.
3. Go aloft using another halyard and now secure the line in (2) about two feet below the extrusion attachment point. Tension the halyard now to raise the extrusion slightly.
4. Remove the cotter pin and drive the clevis pin out of the attachment point to release the aluminum extrusion from the main mast.
5. Now lower the extrusion slowly having two people control the lower section and lay it on about four horses horizontally.
6. At the top secton, remove the two allen screws and then rotate the drum unscrewing it completly off.
7. Take it to a vise, remove the large elastic stop nut.
8. Remove the two bearings by taping gently at the area of the grease seal on the bottom. Do not tap the grease seal, tap the bearings.
9. Replacement bearings can be obtained in any NAPA shop for around $50.00
10 Re-install the new bearings, attach the large nut until just tight, leaving 1/8" clearance for rotation.
11. Screw the unit back on the extrusion and insert the allen screws giving them a light coating of lock tite.
12. This completes the upper unit.
13. The lower unit is a bit different. Start by removing the rolling line completly.
14. Remove the allen screws (4) that are on the drum under the line area.
15. Work the drum off upwards towards the top of the extrusion. Don't rush this operation, take your time, light hammering (tapping) and something to help loosen up any corrosion helps here.
16. Now, the rest is the same as item #6 through #11 and your done.
17. Replace the entire assembly by reversing the procedure. Again tie a halyard line around the top of the extrusion. One person goes to the halyard control line at the base of the mast. The other two guide as the halyard raises the extrusion until its at the top of the mast. Secure the
halyard so the extrusion remains in place.

Hoist a person to the top of the mast for completing the attachment of the clevis pin and cotter key. Remove the halyard line.

Lower the person in the bosun's chair to the deck.

Attach the lower unit with its clevis pin and cotter pin and reattach the roller line being certain that your rolling it up correctly for the sails protection.

Replace the jib, and check the operation by repeated rolling up and deployment of the jib. Adjust jib halyard tension as desired for easy operation.

Time required for entire operation
14 hours one person
1 hour two persons helping.