Sat Apr 28, 2001 11:18 am
I wanted a boom gallows to support mainsail boom. What I did to provide some of its benefits was to install two cleats on the aft side of the mizzen mast. These cleats are about one foot above the horizontal position of the main boom. Two snap shackles with short lines are fastened to the bail at the end of the main boom and their lines made fast to the cleats.This keeps the boom rigid without relying on the toppinig lift or the main sheet.


Mon Apr 30, 2001 11:31 am
Sounds like a good idea. I sailed my sabbaticruise with the boom set on one side, attached to the forward mizzen stay, opposite to the mizzen staysail, which avoids interference with said staysail, but flexes the bearing stay and stresses the topping lift. Another advantage of the sideposition is to leave a clear way forward and in the cabin hatch, with no main sheet in the way.

On an esthetics note, I keep both both booms are at a slight angle up (10deg at least), giving an idea of a seabird poised ready to fly, with the wing tips coming out above the back ridge ahead and past the tail-transom. See what I mean? Try it! Fair winds