Dec 20, 2001 9:52am
Your solution to chart storage is excellent. I fold most of my charts and the space I described is where I prefer to keep my charts. If I get to use rolled charts I would use a space similar to that which you described.

Dec 19, 2001 10:15am

On my Seawind there is chart table on the starboard side over a cabinet with three shelves. The chart table top is hinged at its back edge, the hinge running fore and aft parallel to the centerline of the boat.

I am modifying this by cutting the top so that about 12" of the forward part of the top will lift independent of the rest of the top. Then I am installing a shelf 3" below the top. When I am done I will have a 3" deep space below the top where I can store charts and an easy way to access them. I just lift the forward 12" part of the top to remove a chart. At the same time I have retained three shelves in the cabinet to use for storage of other things.

Phil , Ohm Shanti, #116.

Date: Thu Dec 20, 2001 8:36am

Sounds like a good idea for a limited number of rolled charts, but what about the large quantities you need offshore, or the new German charts of the Caribbean that are not really foldable, or the various chart kits that roll too fat for 3" space? I like my charts flat anyway, and unroll them by keeping them under bunk mattresses for a while. So, here is what I did:

I hung above the V-berth a few feet of knotted net such as sold in catalogues (which I find too expensive and UV-sensitive for rail netting, so I do my own by simply crisscrossing a plain line a foot apart, between the rail line and a shock cord tied to stanchion feet). It is dry and accomodates an enormous number of charts, rolled or flat, plus mosquito screens, rain sheets, pillows, and other light stuff, even the Ampair fan that fits on the entrained generator for wind generation, etc., all without hampering access to the anchor chain well. The headroom has not been reduced where it counts, ie, above the head and torso.

I have not dismounted it since I am back into coastal sailing, and no V-berth user has ever complained. It is now part of permanent accomodations. Fair winds, Bert dF, Pianissimo.