Jan 24, 2002

Hello all,

Iím rewiring my boat and upgrading the electrical system. What I need to know is how one can rewire the cabin light on the bulkhead facing forward toward the port sette. The wires were somehow routed laterally through the bulkhead. This apparently was also done with the light fixture in the head. Has anyone tried or been able to remove and reinstall wires to these fixtures? I tried pulling on them with no result.

James, Niko (91)

1387 Jan 24, 2002


Yes, I have. Once all of the laminate had been removed I was able to wedge open the passage a bit and pull new wire through. If I had to do it again I would route through a commercial wire cover to the head lamp and follow the cabin-top contour of the bulkhead and cover it with a molding. The future attention to new wire may actually be quite limited but in the case of the one you are referring to and two others.... donít follow the builderís rules.