1488 Feb 5, 2002

When we finally get some dry weather down here, I would like to remove my lifeline stanchions, expoxy the bolt holes, and rebed them. How do you get to the nuts on the bottom? Can they be reached with a ratchet extension?

James, Niko (91)

1489 Feb 5, 2002

James- Most of the stanchion bases can be reached by simply removing the dome shaped cover plates (on the inside- mounted to the cabin liner). The others are usually inside various lockers and have no cover plates. I found that my stanchions were mounted on solid laminate "pads" (no core in deck area) which precluded epoxy filling. I did find leaky areas under the bow pulpit and cleat mounting areas that were cored. Check also your waste pumpout fitting. Mine leaked bigtime...

Bill S. "City Bird"

1491 Feb 5, 2002


I rebedded 6 of my stanchions so far. I did not have to epoxy these holes for my side deck areas near the bulwarks are solid laminate. I just drilled them through to clean prior to applying 3m 5200. Access to the nuts were under frp cups screwed to the headliner and the stanchions were thru bolted with frp backing plates. I added some large washers to help prevent apparent crushing from over torqing the screws.

It would be good to have help below with a wrench while working the screws on deck; having to do this job alone I put scotch tape in a socket wrench to help bind the nut then wedged the wrench other end against the hull/ deck joint until the nut released then the two would fall onto a shelf in a locker or cabinet; reverse for rebedding. Do this before refinishing the ladder and cabin sole; many, many many trips below.


PickPocket #K14