Date: Mon Mar 27, 2000 8:26 am

I'm the very happy owner of Voyager, 057K. Great boat; I took her to the Bermuda and the Carribean last summer and she was just a delight.

Now, getting ready for this summer's trip to the Bahamas, I'm wondering about the deck drains. Some owners report putting thru-hulls just below the cove stripe, one on each side, and plumbing the deck drains to them.

Does this leave stains on the hull though? Does anyone have positive or negative experiences with this?

Date: Mon Mar 27, 2000 10:33 pm

I have the side drains installed in #027. This dispenses with them drainling into the cockpit drains. No I have not experienced any problems with stains running down the side of the hull. What I do experience is debris building up in the 90 degree elbows. I catch pine needles, dead stuff fom birds dinning on my deck etc. accumulating in the elbows. I back blow the crap out with my dingy pump.

Date: Tue Mar 28, 2000 8:00 pm
I have a Cape Dory Typhoon that had clogging problems in the scuppers due to the right angle turn in the line. I just replaced the 90 degree ell with a pair of 45 degree ells a few inches apart. Almost everything passes through now (long pine needles, feathers, small screwdrivers) and it was a cheap fix.

Date: Sat Apr 8, 2000 8:24 am

My deck drains do leave a mark on the side of the hull, however, it is a clean streak down a dirty hull from the soap I use on the deck.

Date: Thursday, November 30, 2000 1:57 PM

Do you have standard 1 1/2 drains in forward corners of cockpit? If so, how fast/well did your cockpit drain when filled? If not, what sort of drains do you have?