Date: Tue Feb 27, 2001 12:32 pm

Antifouling (1Nov01): For those of us slowpokes (ie, non-cats) who prefer ablative, Pettitt ACP 60 offers a very price-effective solution. My 3 coats lasted through 9 months of hard sailing offshore and lengthy warm harbors stays ( in Azores, Madeira, Canary, Cape Verde, St.Martin), before hauling

out in St.Maarten's Bobby's marina, end Jan00. There the usual water jet got rid of most of the slime, grass and mollusks (mostly acquired on the sunny side during two months at Anse Marcel in St.Martin), except on 3" around the water line.

It was easy (a belsing of ablative) to re-apply 3 new coats of the same, available at the nearby chandler, plus two more coats at the waterline, as is the procedure adopted in these waters by MOORINGS with that very paint.

That stood me well through the return cruise via Grenada and back, then up through Virgins, Hispaniola, Bahamas and the Intra-Coastal (Beaufort-Norfolk) to Rye, NY (Jun00), then another 5 months in LI Sound. Barnacles that played havoc with my MaxProp in LI Sound barely grew a few minuscule specks per sqft on the paint. Even though it cost more than the ususal 35, it saves much more in time and speed...