Mar 27, 2000

I'm unhappy with the automatic bilge pump, which is one of those Rule submersibles. The bilge is so deep and narrow, and the hose run so long, that the pump cycles a lot. It pumps a few quarts and stops; half of the water is still in the hose so flows back into the bilge, starting the pump going again. In a seaway with water sloshing around the pump winds up running a lot. Has anyone come up with a good solution to this problem.

Mar 27, 2000

I have a Jabsco self priming bilge pump mounted on a shelf on the port side behind the bulk head. A manual on/off panel switch and a float switch mounted on a bracket about 6" above the bottom of the builge. My pump will not come on unless initiated by me or the water is 6" in the builge. Then I better find out what the hell is going on.

Mar 28, 2000

We too had problems with an automatic, so I removed the auto and we simply pump the bilge at engine shutdown, or under sail each watch. This has worked wonderfully. Also remember that if you watch the flow each time you pump such as number of seconds that it takes before its dry, you will monitor your leakage rates from stuffing box etc. Then you know for sure when to adjust the stuffing box etc.

Apr 8, 2000

I have my float switch mounted up about ten inches in the bilge, and run the pump manually every day - have never had the bilge fill up that high - if it did I would have a problem leak!!!

1779 Apr 9, 2002

Speaking of simple plumbing ideas- here’s one:

I replumbed the shower sump pump to one of the output ports of a diverter valve (and located it just above the stern end of the water tank) with a second bilge pumpout hose to the other output of the valve, and the input of the valve to the original thruhull. Now I have a spare bilge pump (the shower pump) with a simple turn of the valve.

Works great!

Bill S. - Alibi II k113