Hurth Transmission

Disconnect the control cable from the trans lever. Then move the shift lever forward and aft to determine if any binding exists. If it still sticks the problem is either in the control cable or the shift control on deck. Next disconnect the control cable from the shift control. Move the shift control, no binding, order a new morse control cable, if binding, disasemble the shift control , clean parts in a solvent, air dry and re-grease with a waterproof lubricant. If none of this cures the problem, then reassemble, and check the initial alighment with the shift cable in neutral. The lever on the transmission should be vertical with a 90 degree angle between the control cable and the transmission lever. Forward and aft minimums are 35mm, or if you move the arm manually, just past the lock, you will hear a click sound, you adjust it just forward and aft of these click positions, further is fine, less than the click position is unsatisfactorly.

We carry a spare transmission when we go to the Bahamas as its almost impossible to obtain one once there. Suggest you resolve any problem before getting there. Also the manufacturer desires the ATF be changed each time you change the engine oil. It takes a pint of ATF fluid.

Date: Tue May 2, 2000 10:46 pm
Changing the Hurth transmission is not difficult. I generally plan on a full day, but can remove and replace one in that time. The important item here is to have a tackle leading from the mizzen halyard down to the transmission, and one other person who can take up the strain on the tackle as the other directs it out of the engine compartment and out through the lazzerete. Its a bit heavy and this takes all the work out of it.