1878 May 23, 2002

I am about to order a new Yanmar 3GM30F for Sea Quill but I cannot find the prop size (diameter) that I had once recorded for my W-30.... The Yanmar prop guide recommends (3-blade) 19 X 13 for the 3.20:1 ratio gear, 17 X 11 for the 2.61:1 gear and the aperture for the Seawind II may not be that accommodating to swing a 17 inch let alone a 19"... anyone have the answer?

Paul, Sea Quill # 29K.

1879 May 23, 2002

My universal 24hp (model 5424) came with a reduction gear of 2.14:1 and has a 16rh10 prop. I assume thats a 16" prop with 10" pitch. Hope this helps!


1880: May 23, 2002

Thanks Bill,

The aperture clearance is important and 16" dia does help....


1881 May 23, 2002

Hi Paul,

Windfall is swinging a 16 X 10 Michigan "Dynajet" 3 blade, RH rotation. Just in from doing a bottom job and cutless bearing today and with such recent detailed viewing of the prop aperture, I feel a 19 " prop could be accommodated but the advantage would be questionable. Let us know what you decide to go with.

Fair Winds,

Don, Windfall 64K

1885 May 24, 2002

Dear Paul: I had a 16:10 which I replaced with a 16" MaxProp. This is an expensive change that I would not recommend unless you like to have 90% of power in the reverse mode instead of the usual 15-20%. It also requires a new, stronger coupling, eg, Vetus or equivalent, as I disconnected twice with the usual Federal.

The aperture is good enough for a 17", I would guess, not sure about 19", I will scan files as I think I made a detailed drawing while upgrading for offshore.

I slept in Loyd Harbor Thursday night, came into your waters circa 4PM and called both Flicka and SeaQuill on VHF 16, to no avail... Two gorgeous days indeed, although light winds and fould tide required 9 hours (but glorious, silky) to get back to Rye...

QUEST: I did not use the engine except to enter Loyd Hbr. It is acting up like yours and Ted’s. For the first time:hard knocks with vibration on idle, and no rpm indication. I am not sure about charging, as my batteries are topped up by two S-75 solar panels.

Do we know a good diesel electro-mechanic in the area? I am tired of Brewer’s bills with little lasting improvement, and would like to avoid repowering for another couple of years.

Bert de Frondeville

1892 May 27, 2002

Thanks Don, I will