1510 Feb 11, 2002

I am wanting some input on 110 usage and suggested locations for the outlets in a SW II. I am in the process of rewiring and putting new electrical panels in my boat as I write. My boat has one outlet in the vanity cabinet and one in the forward section of the galley pantry by the stove. There was one in the wood panel behind the companinonway but I will probably relocate it to the adjacent panel facing the Nav station.

James, Niko (91)

1542 Feb 12, 2002


Remember that surveyors are looking for the GRI type receptacles, so you may as well put them all in as that type. Without it likely you would not be insurable.

Don Bundy

1602 Feb 26, 2002

I have installed 3 pairs of AC outlets, each with a switch on the AC panel, located to the right of the DC panel, thinking that a dual outlet was not much more expensive than a single one in each location.

These locations are: "Kitchen" (to the right of the panel, there is just room for it on the flap door); "Microwave" inside the sliding door on the bulkhead between the kitchen area and the lockers behind the port settee; and "Starboard" by the fwd sink which is between the head and the fwd V-berth.

On the inverter, I have a Trace Inverter-Charger which seems to sort itself out, although I lost the Charger function in the Azores (shortly after I bought and used a nice watertight 220/110 transformer for about the money it took another cruiser to build his own). The repair was made under warranty when back home: an unprotected transformer had blown out. It is the first equipment encountered by shore power, and I consider this a design defect of the Trace.

Be well, Bert dF