Jun 9, 1999

I'm looking for suggestions on where to mount my new inverter (25-12) and a couple of golf cart batteries. Has anyone seen any installations that they have thought were very good?

Jun 9, 1999

My Trace 1500w Inverter Charger is mounted on a bottom platform aft of fwd bulkhead of the port cockpit locker. The removable bulkhead aft of that group leaves a space above, and has a plexiglss window/guillotine to view and access the aft facing working panel of the Trace inverter laid on its side.
This makes a pretty tight packing on the port side, which I'll probably regret...

Jun 9, 1999

Last year I installed two 6 V golf cart batteries as a 240 AH house bank, keeping one 12 V multi-purpose as a starting battery. All three of these batteries fit (just) on the platform built into Spirit--originally, by the look of it--behind the aft bulkhead, stb'd side, accessed through the stb'd cockpit locker. The large converter/battery charger is mounted on this bulkhead, too, along with the Racor filter: plenty of room for all of it. (The water heater and fresh water pressure pump take up the comparable space to port.) I rigged an automotive seat belt and buckle so that I can tighten it down across all three batteries, locking them in place, theoretically, through a 360 degree roll. Battery boxes will not fit on the platform. I put a rubber mat over the top of the batteries so they can't be shorted out by a dropped tool, etc.-- but acid leakage would be a problem in a knockdown or worse. So it goes. . .

I'll send along measurements for locations of my cutter's inner forestay and fixed intermediates next time around.

Jun 9, 1999

I have two new large (220Ah) AGM batteries mounted against the forward bulkhead of the stbd cockpit locker, where the wet batteries were, and one Optima (spiral) starting battery against the fwd bulkd of the port cockpit locker. My Trace 1500w Inverter Charger is mounted on a bottom platform aft of that battery, parallel to and outside of the water heater surmounted by the Adler Barbour Refrigerator. The removable bulkhead aft of that group leaves a space above, and has a plexiglss window/guillotine to view and access the aft facing working panel of the Trace inverter laid on its side.

This makes a pretty tight packing on the port side, which I'll probably regret... The pumps are located on a shelf against the fwd bulkhead and above it all, for more convenient access, with looped cables so they can be brought in the cockpit for check/repair!

August 15, 2001

BdF: Have a Trace 1500w charger inverter, which lost charging capability in the Azores, having burned the unprotected transformer upfront. Back in US a year later, still under warranty, repairman said the Heart interface is a more reliable machine... I had planned for a microwave and toaster oven, but did not use them unless in harbor afterall, and rarely at that since the charger went bust early in my sabbatical year. So, you may review loads and go for a smaller inverter. I found no need for perfect sinusoid...

Sep 26, 2001

I just purchased a Heart Freedom 10 charger/inverter, the 2000 controller, and will be installing two banks of golf cart batteries. I will be re-wiring my boat as well. Since there was some creative wiring already done, I am going to remove a lot of it and start from scratch. Does anybody know the original schematic color codes of the SW II? I would prefer to go back to the original coloring as faithfully as possible.

Oct 15, 2001
I installed the Freedom 10 and 2000 controller 5/6. years ago. We also went to 4 golf cart batteries. I replaced them this past spring, no reason, just felt it was time for replacement. I think maybe I had too much money yo spend that month. My project for this winter is a total ac and dc rewire and have purchased the boat wire. Need to order a new panel. Yes, I think you will definately enjoy the Freedom 10/ 2000 system.

1512 Feb 11, 2002

I will be installing my inverter in the next day or so and was wondering if it really is necessary to install a second battery switch that the Link 2000 manual recommends. I have two banks of paired golf cart batteries with a 1,2, both or off switch. The Link 2000 manual suggests a second one that routes the inverter directly to the batteries, leaving it out of the starter circuit when the switch is off. Perhaps they are concerned with the starter load being put on the inverter (in the charging mode) in the event of battery bank failure. It seems to me that it should be fine as long as the inverter were turned off at dockside, or when you are disconnected from shore power. I would like to hear your thoughts on this one.

James, Niko 91

1513 Feb 11, 2002

I was going to hook my inverter directly to the house batteries and connect the charger line to the starting battery.

I donít think that starting current will have any effect if youíre not putting a 110 load on the inverter.


1525 Feb 11, 2002


Iím assuming you speak of the refrige insulation. We used 12 oz. woven cloth. Mat seems best to insure bulk and multi-axial strength but is usually a poor surface to achieve a smooth finish. Generally after using mat in an area that requires strength and eye appeal I do grind, fill and fair the mat and the cover with glass cloth appropriate to the requirement.

Paul Sea Quill # 29K

1534 Feb 12, 2002

I recently purchased a Makita cordless drill and I read in the manual that the use of an engine-powered generator is not recommended nor are step up transformers as a power source for the battery chargers. I also read in my Heart Inverter manual that certain small battery chargers donít function on modified sine wave AC. As a result, Iím concerned that I may not be able to use recharge my cordless tools offshore.

Has anybody had any experience with this?

James, Niko (91)

1535 Feb 12, 2002

I did some research at the Heart Interface website and read that most cordless tool chargers work fine with mod-sine. Makita power tool chargers were specifically reported to work fine with modified sine wave AC. However, DeWalt chargers were reported to fail prematurely due to compatibility problems. The site states that you should monitor the temperature of the charger by touch during the first 15 minutes of operation with mod-sine. If it gets warmer than when operating from standard line AC, you should unplug it.

They also mention the fact appliances and equipment that rely on the AC input to operate their internal clocks may operate too long or not enough e.g. microwaves breadmakers.

They recommend using a line conditioner (PCLC series) made by Shape Electronics in Addison, Illinois, ph. 708-630-8394 or 1-800-367-5811 if you want to operate products incompatible with mod-sine. They have a website at http://www.shapelectronics.com/.

I looked at the products via their website and noted that the number of receptacles range in number from 2-6 for 120 volts with wattageís that range from 80 to 1200.

James, Niko (91)

1539 Feb 12, 2002


Our invertor has its own wire coming off the main buss, then to a circuit breaker and then to the invertor. We remain with the single main on/off switch for the two battery banks.

Don Bundy

1551 Feb 14, 2002

I am about to install my Heart 1000 Inverter/Charger and would like some recommendations for a mounting location. Would it be okay to mount it on the port side of the engine on the forward bulkhead. I have two banks of golf cart batteries on either side of the engine.

James, Niko (91)

1554 Feb 15, 2002


Likely it does not matter what the location is with the exception of length of wires and of course the weight factor or water spray potential.

Don Bundy

1596 Feb 25, 2002

My Trace inverter (Yard selected, experience by NJ serviceman says it is a bit less reliable than the Heart) is also located on port, close to the hull (to leave room for the Adler Barbour regrigeraion module inboard). It is aft of the start up battery, but sufficiently fwd that it is forward of the transverse dismountable bulkhead (in which I cut out and fitted a sliding plexiglass port sight to check on the led lights) and well protected from rain or spray when the locker cover is lifted, or from wet lines or fenders that may be stored in htat locker.

Bert dF, SWII 80K

1894 May 28, 2002

Hi All-

Iím installing a Heart 1500 watt inverter to run off my 400AH house bank (about 5 feet away). I havnít a clue as to what size cables to run between the batteries and the inverter. The installation guide simply states "consult NEC".

Those of you who have inverters: what is working for you??

(Iím guessing 2/0 guage)

Thanks...Bill S. ALIBI II

1895 May 28, 2002


I used 2/0 on all battery connections as well as those to the Heart Freedom 10 inverter that I installed. Be sure to fuse each battery bank with a 250 amp ANL or similar fuse, and whatever the inverter manual calls for to protect it.

James Self, Niko (91)

1896 May 28, 2002


2/0 will be more than adequate.. I have run the same from my own 400AH to the adjacent Heart Freedom 10. My electrician has advised that your selection is just fine.


Sea Quill # 29K