Date: Tuesday, July 24, 2001 9:41 AM

I am considering a wind generator, but don't recall seeing any information on that topic: Does anyone have any experience installing one on a Seawind II? I am hoping to install on the mizzen mast, but that may be a very limiting factor due to space limitations, etc. Any ideas? Thanks!

Date: Tue Jul 24, 2001 2:21 pm
We have a SW II #129 and have owned and sailed her for 14 years or more. We use a Red Wing wind generator and hang it between the masts when at anchor for several days to provide us with DC. While sailing we use a solar panel which provides us all the DC electricity we need. Regarding installing a wind generator on top of the mizzen, please research the arm and moment that will result in this installation during a 60 knot wind. You may (will) compromise your vessels stability under these conditions. That is the reason we choose to use it only during anchoring situations. For further information contact the vessel naval architect, we did and agree completely with his mathematics.

Date: Wed Jul 25, 2001 8:54 am

I used a wind generator for many years while living aboard in the Caribbean. I found the mizzen to be a poor support and a seriously noisy distraction. Ultimately used the mizzen staysail and the main halyards to support a Hamilton-Ferris unit well above the cabin top at anchor.


Date: Thu Jul 26, 2001 8:22 pm

With a heavy Windhunter 12A generator using a bolted on Ampair fan, I hung it forward from the spinaker halyard (or the staysail halyard) going through a simple estrope sliding on the furled genoa. I did not get any rotation until 12-13 kts of apparent wind, and am looking for another lighter solution such as proposed below, still listening. Agree to leave the mizzen top free.

Date: Thu Oct 18, 2001 10:54 am
We have two banks of golf cart batteries under the locker on the starboard side of the cockpit. They are kept charged by 1. a engine driven 55 amp alternator with a 65 alternator spare. 2. a 60 watt solar panel mounted on the bimini. 3. a 65 amp alternator, driven by a towed line and propeller. 4. a Redwing wind generator that's hung in the rigging at anchor. We believe in multiple ways to generate power and therefor have not ever been without adequate power. I might add that our refrigeration unit draws 27 amps per hour. We also believe in simple systems, because once outside the U.S. in many areas of the world even getting parts for the simple systems can be difficult if not impossible. We also believe that if you have a system on board you should have the skills necessary to remove the unit, dis-assemble it, repair it, and re-assemble it to a like new operating condition. This limits us to simple technology as I'm not of the genius catagory. Date: Tue Oct 23, 2001 2:26 pm
I am considering installing a Kiss wind generator, and wondered if anyone has any experience with this or other wind generator systems? I also wondered about asking Tom Gilmer if he recommends or not installing such a devise on the mizzen mast, but do not know how to get in touch with him--any ideas on either subject? Date: Mon Oct 29, 2001 8:38 pm
Regards the wind generator, we use a Redwing unit from California and have found it satisfactory. It can be hoisted up in the rigging or towed from behind off soundings. Regards the installation on top of a mizzen mast, Gillmer has stated that one should not, repeat not install a wind generator on top of the the mast because it decreases the vessels STABILITY!! One can measure the length of the mast and multiply that times the force applied to a wind generator and obtain a moment which subtracts from the vessels stability.

Date: Wed Oct 31, 2001 9:07 am

Is there a website for your Redwing aero-hydro turbine generator? If it works efficiently (how many amps per knot in water speed and apparent wind?), it is an attractive solution.

That is the only part of my Windhunter gear that I am still hanging on, but the generator is very heavy (unpleasant to install for wind) and working at only half its rated capacity for some reason.

January 4, 2006


I have a Four Winds generator mounted on the mizzen mast. It was installed by a previous owner and it is wired to a control unit mounted at the navigation station. I find the generator very useful – The batteries are always kept topped off even when the boat is sitting on its mooring and it keeps the batteries charged enough to run the refrigerator or the autopilot when under way. Although, I think if it was not already on the boat I would not install it – I don’t spend enough time at anchor to justify the cost. In any event, I have found the Four Winds unit to be well built and quiet. The output is sufficient for my needs and the mounting arrangement keeps it out of the way. I have included a link to the manufacturer’s site and a photograph of the unit mounted on Integrity. The swivel mounting bracket is the key – the unit I have allows the unit to swivel through 360 degrees. The down side is that the blades have to be smaller and the output lower than a pole mounted or fixed mount bracket (they also have two blades vs. my four blades). Anyway, if anyone needs more if please let me know.


Tony Torphy

Integrity, 126K



January 5, 2006

As Bert requested, I am including two pictures of the KISS (not very informative, but a general idea) and the KISS website I used, which has lots of information, including the support bracket needed for installation on the mizzen. You can of course make your own if you are handy with metalworking. Let me know if you have questions.

Will have some other info for the group after I finish putting my bowsprit, bow rail, headstay, and bobstay back together after a boat fell on me in hurricane Wilma...