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This is the website for the Allied Seawind II Owner's Association. The goal here is to collect all the available information on the boat and to make it available to Allied Seawind II owners and folks who are interested in this type cruising boat.

Seawind II Brochure

Seawind II Owner's Manual

Bebinka Circumnavigation 1971

What is a Sailor?

This is how one of our owner's wound up with his boat.

Spring 2002 GAM
Spring 2005 - St. Michael's GAM
Fall 2007 - Annapolis GAM
Fall 2007 - Long Island GAM
April 2008 - Tampa GAM
May 2009 - First West Coast GAM

The Original Newsletters
Volume 1 Number 1 Volume 1 Number 2 Volume 1 Number 3
Volume II Number I Volume II Number II
Volume III Number I Volume III Number II
Volume 91 Number 1
Volume 92 Number 1 Volume 92 Number 2

Allied Seawind MKII

It seems that there are some resemblances between being in a cult and Allied SWII ownership.
If you would like to see what has brought the owners to this condition, read on.
(Check the rest of the site for an honest evaluation of the good, bad and ugly.)

If you would like to see what some of the owner's have to say about
themselves or their boat, click on this link and then the boat name
Owner's Page

I thought it would be nice to put some faces to the names you see here and in the mail group.
If you aren't a member of the mail group, you may subscribe by clicking on the link below.
Seawind II Sailors Album

Line Drawings

Solution - A Proven Bluewater Cruising Yacht

Good Old Boat Article Allied Seawind II
Good Old Boat Article Thomas Gillmer
Good Old Boat Article Allied Boat Company
Sailing Magazine Used Boat Review
Practical Sailor's Report
Spinsheet's February 1999 Used Boat Review

Here's a lot of useful information about the technical aspects of the boat.
No guarantees. Just what folks have learned about their boats.
It might be useful for other boats as well.
Seawind II Knowledge Page

Thanks to Eric Singer at the Allied Seawind site and some of our own members, we now have Alan Eddy's booklet.
So You Want To Sail Around The World

The Molds

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Ed and Gil produced a DVD which features their SWII. The whole spiel is at Dancing with the Wind and the sample video is at The Video

The contact for the Allied Seawind MKII Association is
Howard Hering

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